I would just like to say how much I am enjoying the training program. For the last few years I have being doing loads of my own training, which is a little bit of everything and not very structured. I had reached a peak and could not cross. I have got over this peak thanks to my new training regime. It is great to follow a structured plan and I feel the benefits already especially in my swimming. I can’t wait for next years triathlon season.”

  • Aidan Hanley, Ireland.


“Peter, you are nothing short of a Triathlon Savant. I am confident that your knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport and your athletes, is second to none. A big thanks for all your support, encouragement and when required constructive criticism over the last 9 months. Despite a big mix of ages, experiences and skill levels, our squad sessions are always well catered for and are an ego-free zone.”

  • Regina Wright, Maryland, NSW.

“First and foremost THANK YOU for getting me through my first Olympic distance triathlon. It was an unbelievable experience and there is not a doubt in my mind that the training regime you provided was the key. I had not been back to the states in about 7 months, so the friends that I ran with for so many years were shocked by the “training” shape I was in, my confidence level, but more importantly that I had followed such a detailed program. When you put it all together, the training shape and confidence came from your training program. As far as the training program goes, you brought me to a new level. The detailed daily routines and the steady increase in intensity kept me challenged and motivated. What I thought I would not be able to do, when reading the program, I was able to do if I just followed each day. The point is I finished strong!”

  • Tom Flood, Australia (formerly USA).

“After qualifying for Hawaii at Port Macquarie this year, I was struggling to find motivation to get out and train. The first squad session with TSO fired me up again, and I am enjoying the training again. Peter provides detailed programs that are easy to follow. I am sure that with the squad training, and the program provided by Peter, I cannot be better prepared for Hawaii.”

  • Tony Daley, Waratah, NSW.

“Training with a triathlon specific coach and squad is really taking my racing to another level. I have found that consistency with following my program is the key to getting great results. The structure of TSO’s training sessions are unique and also fun which makes training under head coach Peter so beneficial for me. Each session has a specific goal, which helps build a solid foundation for the racing season. I have had to make sacrifices to attend all of Peter’s sessions, but I believe that if you want to be the best you can, you have to live and breathe triathlon and be willing to make sacrifices. My favourite session with the squad is the motor pacing sessions at Broadmeadow. It really teaches you to push hard and chase the wheel, and the speed you develop from this session really is important for sprint and mid-distance racing (draft legal and non drafting). Peter really focuses on your weaknesses, whilst still developing your strengths. I have found that I am making good improvements in my strong areas, but great improvements in my weak areas. By cutting time off in my weak areas, my finishing times are dropping at a very satisfying pace. Overall I cannot rate this squad any higher. It has a very enthusiastic coach and very keen athletes all wanting to achieve the same results, and at a price I can afford.”

  • Adam Linacre, Cardiff South, NSW.

“Since starting training 2 months ago, there has been about a 5km improvement per hour pace on the bike, easily a 5 minute improvement on 10km time running, and easy 3500m swim sessions which I never imagined possible!…thanks for everything. I am in awe as to how quickly a coach can make a difference!”.

  • Malhar Ganla, India.

“The things I like about the program are that it is flexible and works around you, helps keep a routine and focuses on my specific individual needs as a triathlete to improve my performance. The ability for the program to evolve as I get better is also really good as it ensures I am doing the right sessions at the right efforts, allowing small goals to be set and worked toward each session to slowly improve. In terms of the squad training it is good as I get to train with other people to achieve similar goals allowing us to push each other to get better. This is also backed up by the enjoyment I get out of the session from training with other people and the friends you make”.

  • Daniel Edge, Redhead, NSW.

“Just a quick message to touch base with you about the training. It’s all going well. Since I have been training using your program, it’s honestly the first time that I have combined all my triathlon legs (including the gym work) consistently. I have never been able to manage swim, bike, run and gym training”.

  • Ginaya Henare, Newcastle, NSW.

“Four months ago I’d only completed two sprint triathlons – if you’d asked me if I could complete a 70.3 I would have said hopefully. If you’d asked me could I ride 91km up and down hills in 3:15 hours – I would have laughed. Four months later after following the programme like my bible, I won my age group in the UK 70.3 triathlon. What more needs to be said – it’s working. I like the fact that it’s tailored to your needs and abilities, that it doesn’t look like a terrifying amount of intensity or volume, but pushes you hard and that it accommodates my travelling and my injuries”.

  • Georgina Ayre, United Kingdom (UK).

“Hi Guys, just a quick email to let you know how happy I am with the 16 week programme I got from you for my Ironman preparation. Apart from some minor variations to fit in around work it has been great, I pulled off a P.B. for me in the Canberra Olympic Triathlon, P.B.’d again in the Jervis Bay Long Course and am hoping to do well this weekend at Cronulla”.

  • David Morphett, Australia.

“Not having many hours to dedicate to squad and club training sessions, I needed a program that would provide me with an efficient and structured use of my time. The guys at trainingsmartonline have achieved this through their initial testing procedures, a personalised program and constant feedback. The training program provided has given me the confidence that I will not only achieve the goals I have set, but continue to build on these in the future”. 

  • Nathan Parker, Australia.

“The program suits my busy lifestyle – set out in advance, I can plan to fit my training in, or adapt the program where I need to. The sessions are clear and varied, and having a plan like this helps me with my motivation”.

  • Shane Rattenbury, Amsterdam.

“Just wanted to give you some feedback on the program. I finished IronMan last weekend in 11.10 Hrs, being my first IM my main goal was to finish. I was fully prepared to walk the Marathon if I had too, but some how ran 98% of the 42km. This time for me was very surprising and fulfilling given the two halves I completed this year (Port 5.31hr and Canberra 6.03hr) did not point to me being able to achieve 11.10hr. I did have a goal time in the back of my head somewhere between 12-13hrs!!! I can only put it down to having faith in your program and following it consistently. I kept to the program within about 90%, the main difference was some changes on the bike, due to work commitments. I could only do two 120 minute bike rides during the weeks, but on the weekends tried making it up and did 5 hour rides. Also since I have a swimming background I only averaged 1 swim per week. I must say I was a little worried in the last month leading up to the race, where I followed the program very closely and cut back volume. Many of my training partners continued large volume right up to 14 days prior to the race, some of them did not reach their goals in the race”.

  • Peter Sutherland (Peter purchased an Intermediate Ironman Program in August 2005).

“The programs are tailored to suit your ability and other life commitments, while at the same time getting you to the start line. Also having someone to talk to when you have doubts, questions and are just not sure about progress issues is invaluable. I could not have done what I have so far without the programs and support”.

  • Craig Deakes, Australia.

“As a full-time rural GP obstetrician and father of two young active boys, I knew I was going to have plenty of difficulties getting the right training in for my upcoming Ironman NZ race. Training Smart Online fortunately had space to take me on in their personal coaching program and I haven’t looked back. I was able to get a P.B. in my first Half Ironman in 3 years and improved 6 minutes on my time again 6 weeks later. The program has been tough with some very long days and early morning workouts, but also very flexible – allowing me to mix and match workouts depending on my schedule. I have only a couple of weeks left before Ironman NZ and I am feeling well prepared for a strong performance – thanks to Training Smart Online”.

  • Wade Mitchell, Australia.

“Since I started with Training Smart Online I have noticed a significant improvement in my strength and stamina. Before joining, I was doing the same sessions over and over and was becoming bored with training. Now I have a structured plan to stick to and the sessions are always enjoyable. The guys at Training Smart Online have helped me to develop a goal and with this it has given me something to strive towards”.

  • Nathan Arnall, Perth, WA.

“I think very highly of this training program. It has helped me to improve my skills in both my transitions and greatly in running. It also allows me to better my triathlon skills. It’s layout is excellent and allows me to do track cycling as part of my training”.

  • Chloe Gearing, NSW, Australia.

“Our Training Smart Online programs have provided us with the blueprint to achieve higher fitness levels than we would have been able to relying on our own limited knowledge. They have been designed with our specific goals in mind and have led us on a logical, well-designed path that has seen individual improvements in all three phases of triathlon. The programs have not been easy as they have tested our limits, but they have also given us more confidence as we see the weekly improvements in training performances. While we are newbies to triathlon, we feel that the professional approach to training has cut down on injury, lack of motivation and over training. The convenience of having the programs planned out on a daily basis, plus the access to first class advice cannot be underestimated. All we have to do is ‘do it'”!

  • Liz and Michael Swinton, QLD, Australia.

“Training Smart Online has allowed me to really step up my training to a new level. Before I woke up to myself and got coaching, I used to go out and flog myself whenever I got a chance, doing the same sessions at the same intensity. Instead of getting fitter I got less motivated, injured and had less consistent training. I never really believed, as the coaches at Training Smart Online do, that recovery is so important. Hence it’s likely I didn’t perform at my best. Now every session gives me purpose and comes from a strong scientific and practical knowledge base, while allowing me the flexibility to work out around my commitments of uni, work, socialising and sleep. I wouldn’t say I train much harder or am more fatigued because of the programs, but rather I have seen significant improvements through training smarter”.

  • Tim Reed, Australia.

“Joining the Training Smart Online team has revolutionised my approach to triathlon and goal setting in general. Each training session is now a well planned integral step towards race day. Coupled with sound advice on technique and nutrition, the package has been a great investment. Apart from this, it’s great fun – I’m having a ball!”

  • Daniel Brauer, Australia.

“I wanted to let you know how stoked I am with the program. Thanks for the time put into it. I’ve been doing nearly all the sessions and loving it. I have found the swimming particularly hard but I slogged out the sessions and am starting to feel better in the water which was one of my main goals this year. It’s so good to have direction with each session. Thanks again”.

  • Tim Reed, Australia.

“The personalised program has provided me with confidence in knowing that my training sessions are balanced and specific in addressing my goals. Duration and intensity are specified which takes out the guess work of determining what is the right session to do. It is great to leave the planning side of things to people that know what they are on about. It is like a ‘prescription’ to achieve your goal; it’s then up to your body and mind to put the ‘recipe’ into action”.

  • Damian Rozenfeld, Australia.

“When I first heard of online training, it looked expensive without much coach interaction. Training Smart Online removes both of these obstacles, making my triathlon training both affordable and effective with their surprisingly quick responses to my questions. I feel like I’m definitely improving my base with their workouts and looking forward to my first triathlon in June”.

  • Sarah Bergbreiter, USA.

“At first I was a bit apprehensive about training online, but the program has proved itself and the results speak for themselves. The program is affordable, specific and tailored to my specific ability and time constraints. But it’s the accessability and professionalism of the coaches, when asking for little tips and hints about things like nutrition, race day preparation and things I’m not sure about in the program itself, that make training with trainingsmartonline.com better than all the methods i’ve tried before”.

  • Ron Bar-Tor, Israel.

“Training Smart Online has given a real sense of purpose to each of my workouts. They are very organized and reliable, and thanks to their thorough sign-up process, the training plan they have developed suits me like a glove. It’s made me focus like never before, and I believe my performance this year will be a testament to their expertise”.

  • Lisa Zaffarese, USA.

“I have nothing to say but good things about your programs. 2 workouts down, and you guys have been extremely accessible”.

  • Nick Lacaria, USA.

“Training is going great. Each time I think this is going to be too tough, I manage to get it done. Especially the swimming!”

  • John Doran, NSW.

“Just letting you know I did my first short course triathlon on the weekend. I found it hard to do but once it was finished it felt great”.

  • Anna O’Callaghan, VIC.

“My training has been going well. I completed my first triathlon last weekend. The program that you have designed for me is challenging but achievable. I am looking forward to a successful partnership with you.

  • Stephen Reddick.