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Let’s take the following 2 scenarios;

a) You complete a 40km time trial in 58 minutes at a heart rate of 170bpm.

6 weeks later:

b) You complete the same 40km time trial in 60 minutes at a heart rate of 170bpm.

Have you performed WORSE in the 2nd time trial?

The answer to this is – you don’t really know unless you have had your power output analysed.

The reason is, you may have averaged, for example, 250 watts in the first time trial. 6 weeks later you may have averaged 255 watts, and therefore ridden BETTER. The reason the time was slower was because it was tougher conditions i.e. wind.

This technology, combined with heart rate, can take your performance on the bike to a new level. There is no more “hit and miss” or guesswork with your effort level. Professional athletes have been using heart rate for a long time, but as the example above shows, power is the GOLD standard for training.

Our professional coaches are now making this expensive technology available to you, when it’s really needed.


You can hire our purpose-built 45mm Graphite Lew Palermo race wheel. This is a fantastic wheel, very light, with 20 spokes. It can be used on any course, in any conditions. A wireless PowerTap hub has been built into the wheel.

Simply put the wheel into your bike, attach the wireless computer, and AWAY YOU GO.

Use the PowerTap for your TIME TRIALS, TRAINING SESSIONS, or RACES. Return the wheel to us and we will analyse your results. We can give you specific training zones for your program, determine what is affecting your performance in a race and how to fix it, and provide training/racing advice.

HIRE THE POWERTAP wheel for just $50 per week. Simply email us or give us a call, fill out a short form, and START TRAINING WITH POWER.

You can train most of the time with your HR monitor, and simply hire the wheel for important sessions and races to gauge your progress and effort level. In addition, we offer weekly power based group sessions. Check our training timetable page for more information.