Altitude Training

Altitude Training at Home!

Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT)

The performance benefits of altitude training are widely established, with improvements of up to 3% in most athletes. That means a WHOPPING 3.5 MINUTES over a 2 hour race!

Now you don’t have to travel overseas to Boulder, Colorado etc, or move interstate and leave your family to get the benefits. We are offering IHT (Intermittent Hypoxic Training) to any athletes in the Hunter region. No special diet, no extra vitamins, no secrets. Just 3 x 60-90 minute sessions per week, for 6 weeks prior to your major race, is all you need.

Rather than travelling to a high altitude region to live, IHT simulates VERY HIGH altitudes for short periods of time, which has been shown to result in similar benefits.

Sessions cost just $30, and all you need to do is call us or email us to book a time. This works out to be MUCH LESS than a return airfare overseas!

Altitude Training

You can also use this technology to prepare for an event that is RACED AT ALTITUDE, by training with it. Use your stationary trainer or treadmill at the same time!

Altitude Tent and Mask Hire – We have 3 units available. 4 weeks minimum hire is recommended at a cost of $100 per week.